Privacy Policy

(Last revised: March 2021)


Health Lync LLC and its subsidiaries (collectively, “Health Lync,” “Business,” “we,” or “us”) value the privacy of our users and are dedicated to safeguarding the Personal and Medical This Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) describes our policies with respect to the information we may receive from you while you use the Services (or some part thereof), the ways in which we may use that information, and the choices and protections you have.

Capitalized words that aren’t specified here would have the definition assigned to them in our Terms of Use available at (),  which this Privacy Policy is incorporated thereto by reference.

  • Your Consent




If you use the Services on behalf of a Patient who is not you, you must do so in full accordance with the TOU and the terms hereof, and you are solely responsible for obtaining and representing that you have obtained the consent, jurisdiction, authorization, and approval of such Patient to provide the Personal Information mentioned above. and hereby authorise Health Lync to capture, store, and use your personal information in compliance with this Privacy Policy. You must still obey the terms of Section 7 whether you are working on behalf of another Patient who is a minor.

  • Types of information we may collect on our Users?


We may collect three types of data and information from our Users:


  1. Personal Information is information that identifies or can reasonably be used to identify a person, either alone or in conjunction with other information, or that is of a private or confidential nature, such as a User’s Medical Records, unless anonymized; and
  2. Non-personal Information is information that is non-identifying and non-identifiable and is not linked to the identity of the User by which or about which the information was obtained.

III. Any medical records, including clinical details of body parts or organs, physiological data, symptoms, testing, outcomes, medications, medication, therapy, education, laboratory, and any other health-related information is referred to as medical information.


For the lack of ambiguity, any Non-personal Information that is attached or related to Personal Information is considered Personal Information as long as the association or linking continues. In this sense, it’s important to remember that, according to the descriptions above and the characteristics of each specific item of Medical Information, Medical Information can be classified as either Personal Information or Non-Personal Information.

  • How we collect information of our Users


When you communicate with the Service, personal and medical information is gathered. This is information you provide us before you use the Services or through the use of the Service, such as when you enrol and open an Account, when you offer extra information about yourself and/or a Patient when using the Service, and when you administer an exam and communicate its results to a practitioner via Service, or when you contact us directly.


  • Registration Information:When a Customer applies with the Service or changes their Account records, the User must include his or her Contact information, which includes his or her first name, e-mail address, phone number, full address, username, and password. The User will also be requested to have some personal demographic information, such as date of birth, gender, and family members, connections or ties, in order to use the Services.
  • Medical Information provided by using the Services:the User’s Medical Information, such as details of medical/health status, audiovisual recording, descriptions and photographs of human body organs and related symptoms and related content, auscultations of the heart, lung, or gastro, throat videos, ear videos, skin images, and body temperature measurements, as conveyed by or to You by your successful voluntary use of the Health Lync diagnostic devices whether in real time or off-line and diagnosis of visits as inputted by clinician, etc.
  • Medical Information Users obtained from third parties’ systems, products and services (“External Medical Information”): The Services can provide features that allow Users to upload and share external medical information with others through the Services (such as information generated via external weight scale, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, glucose meter, lab documents, medical summaries). You acknowledge that the quality and completeness of medical data can be questioned.


Any judgement or diagnosis based on or using those information is important. You are entirely responsible for the External Medical Information, and you understand that Health Lync can not verify or track such information, including (but not limited to) the quality or completeness of such External Medical Information.

When you use the Services, we gather personal information about you automatically. When you access or communicate with our Services, we immediately collect information from devices (including Health Lync diagnostic devices and smart devices) and apps that you use.This information includes:

  • The Health Lync diagnostic devices was used to monitor audiovisual records of a telehealth visit.
  • IP address, UDID (Unique Device Identifier) or other permanent user and/or mobile device token (as applicable), geolocation, device model, operating system, browser type and version, screen resolution, web and keyboard language, User’s “click-stream” and activities on the Service, the duration of the User’s visit to the Service and any associated time stamps


We will not collect any Personal or Medical Information about you or someone related to you until you give us your permission, which you can give by accepting the TOU and this Privacy Policy.


Your use of the Service results in the collection of Non-Personal Information. We will be aware of your use of the Service and may compile, capture, and archive information about that use, either on our own or with the assistance of third-party providers as described below. Through the collection, compilation, and privacy protection of Personal Information provided by you, we can also collect Non-personal Information.

  • Audiovisual Recording Consent 


You recognise and understand that, in the course of delivering telehealth services, Health Lync records and preserves audiovisual Personal Information (and related materials) obtained by the Health Lync diagnostic devices and the App by you or on your behalf, and to you in the scope of your use thereof, including in your contact with your Clinician or healthcare provider using the Service.Health Lync will keep, process, and use those audiovisual recordings for the purposes set out below in compliance with the terms of this agreement.

  • The Purposes and Legal Basis of the Collection, Processing and Use of Information


Legal Basis for use


Based on at least one of the legal reasons mentioned below, we gather, process, and use your Personal Information for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy:

  • Following your approval of this Privacy Policy and according to an arrangement with you, we receive and process your Personal Information in order to supply you with the Service.to comply with the Terms of Service; to maintain and improve our Services; to develop new services and features for our Users; and to personalise the Services for a better user experience.
  • With your permission: We need your permission to collect and process your data for specific purposes, and you can withdraw your consent at any time.
  • Legitimate interest: We process your information to further our legitimate interests while ensuring that your privacy is protected. This means that we use your information to track, deter, or otherwise fix fraud, coercion, protection, usability, accessibility, or technological problems with our services, as well as to protect against rights violations, property or safety of our properties, or our users, or the public as required or permitted by law; Enforcing legal claims, and investigating possible breaches of this Privacy Policy, in order to meet and/or fulfil our obligations under relevant rules, regulations, directives, industry practises, and contractual conditions, as well as our TOU.


Purpose of use


We may use the Personal Information that we collect about you for the following purposes:

  • To deliver and run the Service, including, without limitation, enabling Users to conduct a complete physical test online without having to consult with a Clinician in person, enabling Clinicians to gather digital physical exam information and make it accessible for future analysis, and other features or resources as otherwise specified to you at the time of collection;
  • Health Lync can use user examination data and audiovisual recordings to identify inappropriate use of the Services and, if any usage is detected, Health Lync’s support staff may notify you via the email and/or Platform to provide you with assistance in correcting any use.
  • To give you Service-related alerts, notices, reminders, and other correspondence
  • To monitor your Account and provide you with customer care services, which could include, at Health Lync’s discretion, reviewing your examination details and audiovisual records to identify any inappropriate use of the Services, and making our support staff contact you via the Health Lync App to provide you with support for correcting such use.
  • To review and analyse the details and audiovisual recordings of telehealth visits on a de- classified, or aggregated basis to discover trends and abnormalities, to study symptoms and care procedures and changes, and other medical/clinical related research and development;
  • To allow us to further build, refine, and enhance the Service based on Users’ common interests, uses, characteristics, and anonymized or de-identified data;
  • To enable us to provide our Users with a better user experience, including more specific and accurate details, services, third-party services, features and functionalities, statistical and analysis purposes, and so on
  • Fraud, security violations, and other potentially forbidden or criminal acts must be prevented, detected, mitigated, and investigated.
  • To follow all relevant rules and regulations, protect our legal interests, and/or refer to or defend against (actual or potential) legal proceedings brought against us or our associates.

  • Sharing Information with Third Parties

 Health Lync will not share or otherwise allow access to any Personal or Medical Information it collects to any third party, except in the following cases:


(a) We must disclose Personal Information to comply with any applicable law, legislation, legal process, subpoena, or governmental request; law enforcement, legal prosecutions, except as allowed by law: We may disclose Personal Information to comply with any applicable law, rule, legal process, subpoena, or governmental request;


(b) Protecting Rights and Safety: We may exchange Personal Information in order to: implement this Privacy Policy and/or the TOU, including investigating possible violations; identify, avoid, or otherwise fix spam, protection, or technological issues; respond to User support requests; respond to claims that any content available on the Service or the Site violates the rights of third-parties; and respond to claims that any content available on the Service or the Site violates the rights of third-parties; to respond to concerns that a third-contact party’s information (e.g., identity, e-mail address, etc.) has been posted or distributed without their permission or as a means of harassment; and to protect Health Lync’s, its Users’, or the general public’s interests, property, or personal safety;


(c) Our Affiliated Companies: Internally, we can exchange Personal Information for the reasons mentioned in this Privacy Policy with our families of companies. Furthermore, if Health Lync or one of our related entities goes through a change of ownership, such as a merger, takeover, or purchase of any or substantially all of its properties, we may exchange Personal Information with the parties involved. If we conclude that such a change of control will have a material impact on your Personal Information that we have on file, we will alert you via e-mail and/or a prominent note on our website or Services of the event and your options.


(d) Third Party Services: We work with a number of third parties to provide specific resources that help us develop and improve the Services. Providers of Services”). These Third Party Service Providers can have access to, and handle Personal Information that we gather, retain, use, interpret, process, and/or administer on our behalf. These Services Providers include hosting, database and server co- location services (e.g. Amazon Web Services), data analytics services (e.g. Google Analytics), session replay records for app analytic purposes such as crashes, functionality and usability (e.g. Crashlytics), remote access services (e.g. RedBand), data and cyber security services (e.g. Incapsula), fraud detection and prevention services (e.g. Amazon Web Services), e-mail and text message distribution and monitoring services (e.g. Active Campaign), payment processors (e.g. Instamed) dispute resolution providers, customer support and call center services (e.g. Iqor), and our business, legal and financial advisors (collectively, “Third Party Service Providers”). Except for incidents outside its fair control, it remain responsible for any Personal Information processing performed on its behalf by a Third Party Service Provider.


(e) Clinicians and Third-Party Professionals: Your Personal Information can be shared with or sent to Clinicians of your choosing. In addition, if your Physicians decide that they need clinical/medical consulting with a third party clinician, we can share your Personal Information with that third party specialist in order to provide you with the Services, if allowed by applicable legislation.


For the avoidance of doubt, Health Lync can pass and reveal Non-personal Information (including Medical Information that has been anonymized) to third parties or otherwise use it at its discretion.

  • Storage, Transfer and Retention of your Information


Information about Users will be maintained, analysed, and stored by us and our approved affiliates and service providers in the United States and India, as well as in safe cloud storage provided by our third-party service provider as required.


Although the data security laws in the above jurisdictions which vary from those in your home or place of business, rest assured that we, our affiliates, and our service providers who store or process your Personal Information on our behalf are all committed to keeping it safe and secure in accordance with this Privacy Policy and industry standards, regardless of any lesser legal requirements that may apply in their jurisdiction.


You expressly agree to the collection and redistribution of your information to the locations mentioned above, including transfers outside of the jurisdiction under which the information was given.


We only keep your Personal Information for as long as it is necessary to provide you with our Services and to comply with relevant laws and regulations. Without further warning to you, we either erase it from our systems or anonymize it.


We will erase your Personal Information from our servers if you withhold your consent to us processing it (except to the degree that such data is required in whole or in part to conform with any relevant law or regulation and/or to respond to or protect against legal proceedings brought against us or our affiliates).

  • Updating, Obtaining a copy of, or Deleting of Personal Information


If you wish to alter, amend, pause the processing, rewrite, and/or remove your Personal Information registered with us and identifying to you, ask for our clarification as to whether or not we process your Personal Information, or delete your Account from the Service, you can do that through contacting your server administrator (the third party that gave you access to the Health Lync Services) or through contacting Health Lync via the proper portal (some adjustments can be made through the App or Site, but all updates and deletions of Accounts must be handled by contacting Health Lync support at support@thehealthlync.com), you must do so in compliance with the legislation applicable to you. We would either remove all such Personal Information in accordance with all relevant privacy legislation or else de-identify and translate it into Non-Personal Information. Note that, pursuant to and as permitted by applicable legislation or as required by us for archival purposes, we should maintain your Personal Information in compliance with this Privacy Policy for the minimum time necessary to provide the Services. 


You will be entitled to receive the Personal Information you personally supplied us (excluding data we received from other sources) in a standardised, widely used, and machine-readable format, and you may have the right to send that data to another entity, subject to applicable law’s limits. We can make such access available through the Services.


Please email us at support@thehealthlync.com if you want to exercise any of these privileges. We can ask for additional details to validate your identity and requirement while dealing with these requests. Please keep in mind that even if you ask us to delete your Personal Information, we can keep it in whole or in part to conform with any relevant law or regulation and/or respond to your request, or defend against legal proceedings versus us or our affiliates.


If you have reservations about your rights under local legislation, you should ask your local data protection authority to find out if these rights extend to you and for any other privacy-related questions.

  • Minors


You must be at least eighteen years old to create an account on our Services (18). We reserve the right (but not the obligation) to require proof of age at any time to ensure that children under the age of eighteen (18) are not using our Services, without relieving you of your duty to comply with the TOU and the terms hereof.


If you’ve added and listed a Patient under the age of 18, you’re declaring to Health Lync that you’re the patient’s parent or legal guardian, or that you’re a Clinician allowed to care for the patient.


You may use the Service to provide Medical Information on behalf of your child or dependent who is under the age of eighteen (18) by adding and listing them under your Account if you are a parent or guardian. In this situation, you (as parent or guardian) are solely responsible for ensuring that the information you send to Health Lync about your child is accurate and kept secure.


For Clinicians: If a Patient is under the age of eighteen (18), you hereby announce that you have all of the necessary consents, permissions, and rights to render health care to that Patient, including receiving, accessing, processing, sending, presenting, and supplying Medical Information on their behalf.


If we learn that an individual under the age of eighteen (18) is using our Services in violation of the terms set forth above, we will forbid and block any User from using our Services and will make every attempt to promptly remove any Personal Information collected (as such term is defined in herein with regard to such User).

  • Local Storage


When you connect or use the Service, we can use industry-standard technology to temporarily store some information on the Health Lync System and/or your smartphone or other mobile device (collectively, “Local Storage”), allowing us to automate the triggering of certain features and making your Service experience even more easy and effortless. The Local Storage used by the Service is generated every session and deleted from your local storage after your session expires, unless you have finished your effort to transfer Medical Records to the Health Lync Platform, in which case the information will remain on Local Storage until that completion. It’s also worth noting that, with the exception of a temporary local cache, we don’t use any local storage form.


  1. Direct Marketing


If you provide us with your contact information via the Services or our website (not including any of your PHI) for the purpose of obtaining various offers from Health Lync related to the Health Lync Services, you hereby accept that we can use your contact information to contact you, remind you about our products and services that may be of interest to you, and send you marketing materials, including news and updates by transmission to the e-mail address or phone number you have provided.


You may withdraw your consent by sending us a written notice via email to the following address: Info@thehealthlync.com.


  1. Security


We take great care in integrating and preserving the Service and Site’s security, as well as our Users’ Personal Information. Our Services, or portions of them, are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which offers sophisticated security features. Health Lync follows industry-standard protocols and practises including secured transmission protocols and AES 256-bit encryption to protect the users’ personal information and prohibit it from being misused. However, we do not and cannot guarantee that unauthorized access will never occur.

To prevent unauthorised entry, we recommend that you use the best password combination available on your mobile device and use appropriate physical security measures.


  1. Third Party Websites


You can come across links to third-party websites and/or services when using the Service. Please be aware that certain third-party websites and/or facilities are independent of Health Lync and which gather Non-Personal and/or Personal Information about you using cookies and other web-tracking technologies. We take no responsibility or liability on any issues relating to privacy matters or any other legal matter with respect to such third party websites and/or services. We recommend that you read the privacy policy and terms of operation of certain third-party websites and/or utilities carefully, as their terms, not ours, will govern any connections you have with them. Health Lync has no say over how these third-party providers use the information you provide.


  1. Changes to the Privacy Policy


Health Lync reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, so please check back often. If we make any revisions to this Privacy Policy, we will post a note on the Service and/or give you an e-mail notifying you of the changes to the e-mail address associated with your Account. Significant adjustments would take place seven (7) days after notice was given by each of the methods listed above. Otherwise, all other updates to this Privacy Policy are valid as of the “Last Revised” date, and the continuing use of the Service or the Site after that date constitutes approval of those changes and willingness to be bound by them.


  1. Compliance with HIPAA Privacy Regulations


Our privacy policies are designed to meet our commitments as a Business Associate under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 with respect to your health care provider (“HIPAA”). As needed by HIPAA and any Business Associate Agreement we may have with your healthcare provider, we will keep your Personal Information private.We recommend that you read your healthcare provider’s Notice of Privacy Practices, which explains how your healthcare provider can use and reveal your protected health information (PHI) to us and others.


  1. Notice of Electronic Disclosure


To the degree permitted by Texas Health and Safety Code Section 181.154, the following notice is given: Subject to and in compliance with the terms hereof, PHI can be handled, transmitted, communicated, and in certain cases, disclosed in an electronic format. In the case of electronic disclosure for reasons other than medication, billing, health care procedures, or as otherwise allowed or necessary by state or federal statute, Health Lync will send you a written note and request a separate authorization.


  1. General Information


This Privacy Policy, its application, and any claims and disputes arising out of it will be regulated by the governing laws listed below, depending on your primary place of residence, and any and all such claims and disputes will be brought in, and you hereby agree to them being litigated in and determined solely by a court of competent jurisdiction based in the following locations:

  1. a) If your primary residence is in the USA, the governing law and the exclusive jurisdiction shall be the laws of the state of New York and the city of New York (respectively);
  2. b) if your primary residence is in India, the governing law and the exclusive jurisdiction shall be the laws of England and Wales and the city of London (respectively);


For your ease, this Privacy Policy was written in English and can be translated into other languages. If a localised (non-English) version of this Privacy Policy differs from the English version in every manner, the English version would take precedence.


  1. Queries


If you have any questions (or comments) about this Privacy Policy, please send us an email at info@thehealthlync.com, and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner.


By contacting us, you reflect that you have the authority to do so and that you will not intentionally supply Health Lync with details that infringes on the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights. You further accept that, despite anything to the contrary herein, any and all rights, including intellectual property rights in the information given, shall be owned by exclusively to Health Lync, and Health Lync may use or refrain from using any such information at its sole discretion.


When speaking with Health Lync’s support and customer service staff, you do not disclose any medical information. Health data can be exchanged with clinicians, and the assigned support and customer service staff are not medical practitioners and cannot provide medical advice.